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Lighthouse - Products for Stamps

Lighthouse stamp books belong to 3 categories and cover the whole range of a philatelist's needs. Specifically these 3 categories are: (for a more thorough look please click on the relevant photos)


Stamp Books with fixed sheets diversified on:





  • size / external dimensions

  • cover (quality and color)

  • page quantity (8-32 sheets / 16-64 pages)

  • sheet color (white / black)

  • material type / quality (glassine / crystal clear)


Stamp Books with moving sheets diversified on:





  • cover (quality and color)

  • page quantity (according to needs)

  • page pockets (from 1 pocket for whole stamp sheets to 8 for normal sets)


Stamp Books for entire Country collections diversified on:


  • cover & slipcase (color)

  • country (140 countries)

  • period (depending on country)


Last update : 28/6/2022

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