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The world of stamps is a special world. It has the ability to carry the collector to places he may not be able to spot on a map, get him to know species of the animal world he may never yet have seen or introduce him to significant people he may never yet have heard of.
However, above all, it is really worth noting the educational aspect of Philatelism, besides its being a very nice hobby. The collectors, thanks to their involvement with Philatelism, develop some of the qualities that benefit every personality, such as :

• Being organized
The collectors organize their stamp sets and place them in their correct album position...

• Careful
… They safely handle them, so that they are not damaged.

• Visualization
The collectors dream of their completed collection...

• Setting goals
… and set the date when they will acquire “that special, expensive set”.

 • Patience
Collections are built one set at a time.

• Persistence
The collectors always take the next step...

• Work ethic
… putting as much work as is required...

• Reward
… so that someday they will be able to enjoy THEIR very OWN dream collection!!!

We strongly believe that all the above should always be present in the mind of the collectors, right next to philatelism's indisputable value as an investment and as a hobby.


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