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Lighthouse Perfect - DP

Lighthouse's Perfect series is a special product, highly regarded worldwide.

Its main characteristic is that it provides the philatelist with pictured sheets per country and year, with a special pocket for each and every stamp that was issued that year by that country.

In this manner the philatelists are actually provided with a catalog of every set issued, which proves a valuable guideline while completing their collection, along with an aesthetically pleasing stamp book, with nicely placed and secure stamps.

The security of the stamps is accomplished by utilizing a double crystal clear pocket, which protects each stamp on every side.



The use of this pocket does not affect the gum of the stamp in any way and protects its teething by providing ample space on every side, without hindering the optical pleasure of the collector.

DP type albums utilize 2 small metal rods in order to support the contained sheets, a feature that allows for complete sheet support even with the cover open.














Special Offer


We offer the complete set of pictured sheets of Greek stamps (issued 1944-1979) consisting of 88 sheets plus a Perfect - DP cover, with its slipcase, at a truly remarkable price: € 139,00 (factory price € 329,85).

The Lighthouse Perfect series includes also the pictured sheets of Greek stamps of the following periods (prices without cover):


Greece 1861 – 1923 (36 sheets): € 100,00

Factory Price: € 109,95


Greece 1923 – 1944 (22 sheets): € 63,00

Factory Price: € 69,95


Greece 1944 – 1979 (88 sheets): € 120,00

Factory Price: € 264,90


Greece 1980 – 1989 (36 sheets): € 100,00

Factory Price: € 109,95


Greece 1990 – 1999 (36 sheets): € 100,00

Factory Price: € 109,95


Greece 2000 2004 (44 sheets): € 122,00

Factory Price: € 134,95


Greece 2005 – 2009 (39 sheets): € 108,00

Factory Price: € 119,95


Combination of Perfect - DP cover (with capacity of up to 120 sheets) plus Matching Slipcase:

€ 60,00


We also offer all other countries’ pictured sheets of Lighthouse Perfect series, for complete periods, at prices 10% lower than their respective official selling prices.


The price of the supplementary, pictured sheets for the new issues of each country is € 4,00 per sheet.


For further information please contact our Sales Department.


Last update : 28/6/2022

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