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Stamp Books with moving sheets

Stamp books with moving sheets are by far the most practical means of storing stamps. Moving sheets allow collectors to compose their albums at will!

The sheets are manufactured from high quality plastic that protects each stamp completely, without hindering the optical pleasure of the collector.

Vario Classic series

The new Vario Classic series incorporates albums with 10 sheets, which are placed within luxurious covers with rings. Each cover holds 25 or more sheets. The covers are manufactured in 3 colors (burgundy, blue, dark green). For color availability please contact our Sales Department.

• CL2S (10 black sheets x 2 pockets per page) : € 40,00
• CL3S (10 black sheets x 3 pockets per page) : € 40,00
• CL6S (10 black sheets x 6 pockets per page) : € 40,00

The above albums come in special slipcases.

The Vario series additionally incorporates the following discrete sheets for the Vario albums, in black color and with 1 to 8 pockets per page (€ 1,10 per page):

1S (1 pocket x 263mm, for stamp sheets or big sheetlets / feuillets)

2S (2 pockets x 128mm, for FDCs or small sheetlets / feuillets)

3S (3 pockets x 84mm, for sets-of-four)

4S (4 pockets x 63mm, for sets-of-four and stamp sets)

5S (5 pockets x 51mm, for stamp sets)

6S (6 pockets x 39mm, for stamp sets)

7S (7 pockets x 33mm, for stamp sets)

8S (8 pockets x 29mm, for stamp sets)


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